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You’re Honda / Acura vehicle is equipped with a Maintenance Minder that follows a set schedule described in your owner’s manual. (see below)

However this schedule like most maintenance schedules is “cookie cutter” and only applies to vehicles that are driven in a very specific environment and would have to be driven by the same person possibly on a test track for the maintenance schedule prescribed to fully apply to every Honda and Acura vehicle. The variation in the schedule comes from the inspection portion of the maintenance for example when your maintenance minder tells you that your vehicle needs a “B1,2 service” the maintenance minder is indicating among other things that the cabin air filter and engine air filters need to be replaced but the truth is you may have performed these services recently or maybe you just haven’t driven in an environment that has caused these filters to need replacement yet. Or the reverse your Honda or Acura vehicle’s maintenance minder is only indicating an A1 service be performed and during our inspection we find that your cabin air filter and engine air filters are very dirty and need replacement even though the maintenance minder hasn’t indicated that a “B1,2” service is needed.

It is very important that the inspection be performed by someone who is trust worthy because the results of the inspection can lead to other maintenance items and repairs needing to be performed at considerable expense. The inspection portion of the maintenance should include fluid samples, (including engine oil, transmission fluid power steering fluid, brake fluid, front and rear differential fluids and radiator coolant/antifreeze) tire tread depth and evenness of wear, brake pad thickness, brake rotor thickness among many other things (see our full inspection sample click here ).