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Your Honda Vechile or Acura Vehicle is probably equipped with a Maintenance Minder that referrers to the schedule below and the number 3 indicates the transmission fluid change is needed usually accompanied by the letter A or B for example “B1,3.

The Maintenance Minder however is sometimes inaccurate because it doesn’t reset the indicator unless a service is first indicated by the Maintenance Minder and then is reset by the technician for example if during an inspection we found that the transmission fluid was dirty, discolored, or smelled burnt we would recommend that the fluid be changed to prevent rapid wear or other damage to the transmission and if the #3 was not yet indicated by the Maintenance Minder or had been reset without performing the service then the Maintenance Minder is inaccurate.

What kind of transmission fluid should be used when changing the transmission fluid in my Honda or Acura vehicle?

The owner’s manual tells us to only use genuine Honda or Acura transmission fluid and we use genuine Honda or Acura transmission fluid in most applications. There is another type of fluid that we sometimes recommend produced by BG products the BG ATF is a synthetic automatic transmission fluid with some properties that can cause your vehicle to shift more smoothly and is the only automatic transmission fluid other than genuine Honda or Acura fluid that we ever recommend.

More and More Honda and Acura Vehicles are equipped with CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and CVT requires a different type of fluid made especially for the CVT. For this transmission we only use genuine Honda or Acura CVT fluid.