Included with the “A” and “B” services indicated by the Maintenance Minder which is sometimes referred to by seasoned professional Honda Vehicle and Acura Vehicle technicians as a Minor service Westlake Independent performs transmission fluid inspections using samples from the vehicle being serviced and comparing them to new transmission fluid samples (see link). If the transmission fluid is brown or has a burned smell about it we recommend that the transmission be flushed because an automatic transmission holds fluid in the torque converter, valve body and other inner workings of the transmission that cannot be drained simply by removing the drain plug and waiting for the fluid to drain. Flushing a Honda or Acura transmission should only be performed using the methods prescribed by Honda and Acura in the appropriate service manual per American Honda Service News article number A000801 (Click Here: A000801-SERVICE-NEWS-ARTICLE ) and by using this method of repeating a drain, fill, run process a number of times the old fluid can be replaced in the transmission and when inspected the sample will be new Genuine Honda transmission fluid. Just say no to automatic transmission flush machines.